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Microbial Genetics

Cinzia Calvio

Course content

Bacterial Genetics and its analysis: importance and tools. The origin of mutations: Fluctuation test, Newcombe test and Replica plating. Genetic Exchange in Bacteria and its evolutionary role. Competence in the Gram+ B. subtilis. Plasmids: general properties, replication and partitioning. Conjugation: transfer mechanism of self transmissible plasmids; F plasmid, Hfr strains, Prime factors. Conjugation in E. faecalis. History and genetic analysis of conjugation. Lytic bacteriophages: developmental cycle, replication, genetic analysis. Genetic experiments with the rII genes of T4 and the discovery of the genetic code. Lysogenic phages, Lambda & Genetic analysis of Lambda mutants. Bacterial defense systems; CRISPR; Toxin-Antitoxin systems. Transposons. Site specific recombination and Homologous Recombination. Cell division in bacteria and archaea. Genome segregation. Transcription in bacteria: RNA polymerase, stages of transcription, sigma factors. Gene expression regulation at the transcriptional level: lac & arabinose operons. Attenuation & Antitermination. Catabolite Repression regulon. Developmental processes in bacterial: Quorum sensing, Biofilm formation and persistence. Bistability in gene expression as a differentiation mechanism. Phosphorelay & Sporulation in B. subtilis. Transcription and gene expression regulation in Yeast. Mating type switching in Yeast.


L. Snyder & W. Champness Molecular Genetics of Bacteria, 3rd Edition ASM Press.

Credits: apnetwork.it