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Molecular Entomology

Mariangela Bonizzoni

Course content

This course provides a broad perspective on the molecular biology of insects, mainly insects of economic importance. A deep knowledge of the biology of these species through genetic and genomic approaches may help in finding the targets for disrupting their life cycles or in designing novel bioinsecticides. A specific focus will be addressed to insect-plant relationships and to the transmission of insect-borne diseases. I will provide an introduction to insect physiology, developmental biology, genomics and molecular evolution and ecology. It includes several modules addressing molecular mechanisms implicated in insect–host and insect-pathogen interactions. It will provide background information on essential methodologies used in molecular entomological research and discusses the importance of molecular entomology for the development of population control strategies. The basic developmental, genetic and genomic focused modules utilize the wealth of knowledge gained from studies on the model insect organism Drosophila, while modules focusing on insects’ role in pest and disease transmission focus on the insect species which are under the current investigation.

Credits: apnetwork.it