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Marco Biggiogera

Academic position:
Full Professor
marco.biggiogera (at) unipv.it
Phone number:
+39 0382-986322
+39 0382-506325
Department of Biology and Biotechnology "Lazzaro Spallanzani"


Advanced Microscopy
Advanced Microscopy
Advanced Microscopy


No exams

Curriculum vitae

1.         Biggiogera M, Pellicciari C (2000): Heterogeneous Ectopic RNP-Derived Structures (HERDS) are markers of transcriptional arrest. FASEB J, 14, 828-834
2.    Chiodi I, Biggiogera M., Denegri M, Corioni M, Weighardt F, Cobianchi F, Riva S, Biamonti G. (2000). Structure and dynamics of hnRNP-labelled nuclear bodies induced by stress treatments. J Cell Sci. 113,. 4043-4053.
3.    Biggiogera M., Malatesta M., Abolhassani-Dadras S., Amalric F., Rothblum L.I., Fakan S. (2001):  Revealing the unseen: the organizer region of the nucleolus. J. Cell Sci., 117, 3199-3205
4.    Denegri M., Moralli D., Rocchi M., Biggiogera M., Raimondi E., Cobianchi F., De Carli L., Riva S., Biamonti G. (2002) Human chromosomes 9, 12 and 15 contain the nucleation site of stress-induced nuclear bodies. Mol. Biol. Cell, 13, 2069-2079.
5.    Cisterna B, Necchi D, Prosperi E, Biggiogera M (2006) Small ribosomal subunits associate with nuclear myosin and actin in transit to the nuclear pores  FASEB J 20:1901-1903. doi:10.1096/fj.05-5278fje
6.    Cardinale C, Cisterna B,  Bonetti P, Aringhieri C, Biggiogera M and Barabino SM L (2007) Subnuclear localization and dynamics of the pre-mRNA 3’ end processing factor CF Im68.  Mol. Biol. Cell, 18: 1282-1292
7.    Biggiogera M, Cisterna B, Spedito A, Vecchio L, Malatesta M,: (2008) Perichromatin fibrils as early markers of transcriptional alterations. Differentiation 76:57–65 - DOI: 10.1111/j.1432-0436.2007.00211.x
8.    Dieker J, Cisterna B, Monneaux F, Decossas M, van der Vlag J, Biggiogera M, Muller  S (2008) Apoptosis-linked changes in the phosphorylation status and subcellular localization of the spliceosomal autoantigen U1-70K. Cell Death Differ, 15:793-804
9.    Biggiogera M, Fakan S (2008) Visualization of nuclear organization by ultrastructural cytochemistry. Methods Cell Biol 88:431-449

10. Cisterna B, Biggiogera M (2010) Ribosome biogenesis: from structure to dynamics. Int. Rev. Cell Mol. Biol, 284:67-111. Invited review.

Curriculum Vitae

1978: Diploma in Biological Sciences
1982: Diploma in Cytochemistry and Histochemistry
1987: PhD in Physiological Sciences
1987 – 1993: Staff member, Centre de Microscopie Electronique, University of Lausanne
1987-1990: Fellowship Fondation pour des Bourses d'Etudes Italo-Suisses
1993: Researcher, Laboratorio di Biologia Cellulare, Dipartimento di Biologia Animale, Università di Pavia
1997: Permanent staff member, Laboratorio di Biologia Cellulare
1998-: Member, Board of the PhD program in Cell Biology
2004: Associate professorship


1987-1992: Invited Professor, Ultrastructural Citochemistry (Faculty of Sciences, University of Pavia)
1989 –1992 practical courses of Analyse Ultrastructurale, Faculty of Sciences, University of Lausanne
1990: Course of Immunocytochemistry -Département d'Analyse Ultrastructurale, University of Lausanne
since 1994: Tutor of 14 theses (Biology diploma) and 3 PhD thesis
1997- 2000: Course: Laboratory of Ultrastructural Tecniques
since 1999: Course: Cell Biology
since 2000: Course: Laboratory of Histological and Histochemical Tecniques
since 2002: Course: Techniques in microscopy and cytochemistry

Organizing activity:

Member of the Organizing Committee of the Wilhelm Bernhard Workshop - 12th International Workshop on the Cell Nucleus, Les Diablerets (Switzerland), september 1991.
In 1998 he organized the Workshop: Ultrastructural cytochemistry: from the gene to the cytoplasm (Pavia, May 1998).
Since 1999 is the Italian member of the International Committee of the Wilhelm Bernhard Workshop on the Cell Nucleus.
In 2003 he organized in Pavia, as president, the 18th Wilhelm Bernhard Workshop on the cell Nucleus.
Since 2004 is member of the Executive Board of the Society for Histochemistry (Gesellschaft fur Histochemie);
Has co-organized two theoretical and practical Courses on Cytochemistry and Immunocytochemistry (Urbino, october 2004-march 2005).
Head (2002-2004) of a scientific unit for PRIN grants.
Head of a scientific unit of Ariadna project, European Space Agency.
President of the 48th Symposium of Histochemistry, Stresa, September 2006

President of the Society for Histochemistry

Has been reviewer for:
Molecular Reproduction and Development;  Journal of Structural Biology; Journal of Microscopy; European Journal of Histochemistry ; Journal of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry ; Experimental Cell Research ; Life Sciences ; Journal of Cell Science ; Histochemistry and Cell Biology; Nature Methods

Member of: Società Italiana di Istochimica, Society for Histochemistry.
Member of the Editorial Board of the European Journal of Histochemistry

He has co-authored 91 peer-reviewed papers. The research field is mainly the study of the biology of the cell nucleus at electron microscopy, with particular attention to RNA transcription machinery in different models such as spermatogenesis, apoptosis and drug-induced transcriptional arrest in cell cultures. A particular attention is devoted to the subcellular mechanisms of mRNA export.

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