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Anna Rodolfa Malacrida

Academic position:
Full Professor
malacrid (at) unipv.it
Phone number:
+39 0382 986294
Department of Biology and Biotechnology "Lazzaro Spallanzani"


Molecular Entomology
Molecular Entomology


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Curriculum vitae

She is full professor of Entomology in the courses for the degrees in Natural Sciences and in Biological Sciences in the Faculty of Sciences, University of Pavia. She is involved in the Doctorate in "Cellular Biology" and the European Doctorate in "Insect Biotechnology". She has been "Visiting Scientist" at the Institute of Molecular Biology & Biotechnology (IMBB-FORTH), Heraklion, Crete, Greece (1989-1993). She has been a consultant for the IAEA (Vienna, Austria) and the ECC (Bruxelles, Belgium). Since 1985 she partecipates in the FAO/IAEA research projects for genetic pest control. She is now the coordinator of two research units within the FAO/IAEA projects "Molecular Technologies to improve the Effectiveness of the Sterile Insect Technique" and "Improving SIT for Tsetse flies through research on their symbionts and pathogens". She is a supervisor of the Masters Course "Mediterranean Organic Agriculture" within the International Centre of Superior Studies of Mediterranean Agriculture (CIHEAM, Paris).
She has extensive experience in participation and coordination of international research programmes. She has been involved in the coordination of 1) European Programmes, DG XII-STD, NIGA, Human Capital & Mobility DG XII, DG VI-AIR and INCO-DG XII; 2) Italian/French Integrated Actions, GALILEO; and 3) national programmes funded by the Italian Ministry of Universities and Research FIRB and PRIN. She is involved in population genetics and in functional genomics of insects of economic interest. Her lab has aquired a strong experience on the development and analysis of EST for the agricultural pest insect, medfly, as a tool for pest insect control. Two EST projects have been previously granted to her group, in the 2004 and 2007 calls for PRIN project applications. She is a member of the "Steering Committee" of the International Symposia on Fruitflies of Economic Importance.
Her research interests have mainly concerned gene characterization, and evolution of the genomes of several dipteran insect species of economic importance (Musca domestica, Ceratitis capitata, Glossina spp., Culicoides spp), with particular attention on genes, their expression, function, and their linkage, and on populations and species. She is author of numerous papers published in international journals.

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Aketarawong N, Bonizzoni M, Malacrida AR, Gasperi G, Thanaphum S (2006) Seventeen novel microsatellite markers from an enriched library of the pest species Bactrocera dorsalis sensu stricto. Molecular Ecology Notes 6: 1138-1140.
Bonizzoni M, Gomulski LM, Mossinson S, Guglielmino CR, Malacrida AR, Yuval B, Gasperi G (2006) Is polyandry a common event among wild populations of the pest insect Ceratitis capitata? Journal of Economic Entomology 99: 1420-1429.

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