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Introductory Statement

The so-called “Bologna Process”, aiming at harmonizing higher education systems in Europe, has promoted a strong effort of internationalization in Italian Universities that started developing academic curricula specifically devised to allow integrated mobility programs promoting competition and equal opportunities for students and graduates in all European countries.
With regards to the Italian experience, at present a little less than 50% of foreign students are concentrated in the Universities of Lombardy.  In this context, besides the international opportunities provided until now, the traditional LLP-Erasmus and Erasmus placement projects, starting from the academic year 2009/2010 the Department of Biology and Biotechnology is offering to both Italian and foreign students a graduate course (Laurea Magistralis) on Molecular Biology and Genetics, entirely taught in English. This course possesses all the requisites of a solidly founded international academic proposal addressed to students wishing to improve their knowledge of these disciplines. It is worthy pointing out the high international level of teachers and researchers working in the laboratories of the Department of Biology and Biotechnology, as testified by their scientific curricula.
Indeed the first pre-requisite for the success of higher education initiatives is represented by a course of studies in line with internationally accepted qualitative standards, integrated in a network of foreign Universities. In this perspective the University of Pavia belongs to the prestigious Coimbra Group of oldest European Universities and can boast of a wide variety of cooperation agreements with more than 500 Universities and research centers around the world. The second pre-requisite for success of international programs is the existence of peculiar reception capabilities of the local University structures. In this perspective the University of Pavia can rely upon a network of 17 historical colleges, which can host foreign students and teachers, contributing to promote a multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural environment and facilitating formal and informal meetings between people designed to enrich their academic experience. Moreover in 2005 the IUSS (Institute for Advanced Studies) was created to offer talented young students the opportunity to widen their specific academic curriculum with additional courses, seminars and other educational activities. Hence the 18 Departments (http://www.unipv.eu/site/en/home/about-us/structure/articolo11710.html), the colleges and the IUSS constitute an integrated system of University structures, both at the undergraduate and graduate level, almost unique in the Italian panorama.
These features of the University of Pavia ensure that the new graduate course on Molecular Biology and Genetics will attract foreign students aiming to improve their molecular biology and genetics studies and will guarantee an international dimension to the Italian students that will accept the challenge represented by this new opportunity.


Credits: apnetwork.it