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Individual Courses

Students can apply for individual courses. With the end of the course, students will obtain a certificate attesting the passing of the exam. Students are not allowed to be enrolled both to a study programme (either for undergraduates or master, either in Italy or in their home country) and to individual courses.
Students who are interested in enrolling to individual courses must:
1- Suspend their study at the University of origin.
2- Apply for individual courses at the Student Secretariat of the University of Pavia and be accepted.
3- Move to Italy, complete the enrolment to the selected courses by delivering the proper documentation to the Student Secretariat and paying the tuition fee.

For more precise information please read the paragraph "13) ENROL TO SINGLE COURSES" at this page (link) and contact the Student Secretariat (Via Ferrata, 1, 27100 - Pavia; tel. +39 0382 985954; e-mail: informastudentifacoltascientifiche@unipv.it) .

The fee needed to enrol to individual courses is 42,0 € for each credit to be gained. The number of credits may vary among courses. The enrolment to individual courses also requires the payment of 6,90 € for health insurance.
Tuition fees have to be paid by postal transfer to the following bank account of the University of Pavia: UNIVERSITÀ DEGLI STUDI DI PAVIA – SERVIZIO TESORERIA, Bank account number 198200

Payment details: Confirmation of payment of tuition fees of 42 Euro for each credit to be gained + 6,90 Euro inherent to the integrating assurance on the accidents.

Students who are interested in enrolling to individual courses must collect the documentation listed in the application form and deliver it to Student Secretariat (Segreteria Studenti, Polo Cravino, Via Ferrata, 1, 27100 - Pavia).

The Application form for individual courses ("Modulo iscrizione ai corsi singoli") can be downloaded here.
NOTE: the application form requires the application of a revenues stamp (16 €).



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