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Exam session

There are 3 exam sessions:

  • January 15  to the end of February
  • June 15 to the end of July
  • September 1 to September 30

All exams outside this schedule are ONLY for students who are repeating courses.


How to check exam dates

Follow this step-by-step procedure to check the dates of the exams :

1. Go to the page "Bacheca Appelli" of the University of Pavia (click here)

2. Select the right department (“Dipartimento”: Dipartimento di Biologia e Biotecnologie “LAZZARO SPALLANZANI”)

3. Select the Study Course (“Corso di Studi”: Molecular Biology and Genetics)

4. Select the course (“Attività didattica”: select the course of interest)

5. Select the Professor (“Docente”: select the professor of interest)

6. Click the button “Avvia Ricerca”


Note: It is not mandatory to select the date of the exam (“Data esame”)

Credits: apnetwork.it