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Foreign students

The Admission Announcement for the Academic Year 2018/2019 can be downloaded here.
The course is entirely taught in English and is addressed to students with a background in basic disciplines such as Cell Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Mathematics and Physics. During the MBG Master Course, besides following the courses and passing the exams, students will carry out a scientific investigation under the supervision of a faculty member. The experimental work will result into a Dissertation (Master of Sciences) that will represent an essential component of the Course programme.
Students holding a Bachelor’s degree in Biology, Biotechnology or related life science programme from a foreign university have to undergo a pre-evaluation of their qualifications and have to pass the admission test. The admission test can take place any time via Skype, or in Pavia on September 25, 2018. There are no deadlines for the application for the Skype interview. The exact date of the admission test in Pavia will be published in June-July together with the Admission Announcement.
Knowledge of English should correspond to at least B1 level of the Common European Framework (CEF). The knowledge of the English language will be verified during the admission test.
Pre-evaluation of qualification 
In order to request the pre-evaluation of qualification and enroll to the admission test, students must:
  1. Register at the website http://www.unipv.eu/site/home.html , you must click on "Registrati" in section "Area Riservata". You will open this page LINK
  2. After registration, students must login in the reserved area ("Area Riservata") from page http://www.unipv.eu/site/home.html . The reserved area can be found at this page LINK
  3. Apply for the admission test choosing “Admission Test > Evaluation Test” in the menu on the left and follow the on-screen instructions.


In the application form students will find two choices for the admission test:

  • Via Skype. The Skype interview can take place any time. There are no deadlines for the application for the Skype interview. The Skype test is an interview in English language concerning basic concepts in Biology. We strongly suggest to refresh basic concepts in Molecular Biology, Genetics, Cell Biology, Biochemistry and Microbiology.
  • In Pavia. The admission test in Pavia will take place in September at Polo Cravino, via Ferrata. The test will be an interview in English language concerning basic concepts in Molecular Biology, Genetics, Cell Biology, Biochemistry and Microbiology.

An appointed Commission will evaluate the qualifications of the candidate.

  • If the candidate chose to take the Skype admission test he/she will receive an e-mail containing a tentative schedule for the admission test with date and time of the interview and the Skype ID of the Commission.
  • If the candidate chose to take the admission test in Pavia he/she will receive an e-mail notifying that he/she passed the pre-evaluation of qualification and containing instructions concerning the admission test.

Students who passed the admission test will be issued with an Admission Letter.



The fee for participation to admission test can be paid at the Bank Counter, home banking or the function “Pago PA” accessible during the application process. The “Pago PA” function allows to pay via credit card.

IMPORTANT: students who make bank transfers from outside the EU must pay attention to select the OUR code in the field related to the bank operation costs and not the SHARE code. If the SHARE code is selected, the payment will be incomplete and we will have to ask you to integrate the missing amount by making a second bank transfer. The University MUST receive the amount of 35 €, therefore bank expenses must be entirely paid by the student and will not be covered by the University of Pavia.

Bank transfer must be forwarded to this account:


IBAN IT 38 H 03111 11300 000000046566


Payment details must be clearly indicated as follows: “PARTECIPAZIONE AL COLLOQUIO DI AMMISSIONE AL CORSO DI LAUREA MAGISTRALE IN MOLECULAR BIOLOGY AND GENETICS – ANNO ACCADEMICO 2018/2019″ (Fee for admission test – Master’s degree in Molecular Biology and Genetics – Academic Year 2018/2019). Send a copy of payment receipt in English, Italian, French or Spanish. No other language will be accepted.


Students who passed the admission test and have been issued all documents required for enrolment by the Italian diplomatic authority will have to enrol to the University of Pavia in October 1-15, 2018.
Late enrollments are also accepted until March 1, 2019, upon the payment of an additional 82 € fee
Detailed information concerning the enrolment procedures for the Academic Year (2018/2019) are described in the Admission Announcement http://mbg.unipv.it/?pagina=p&id=72 .
To receive assistance for any problem found during the enrolment please send an e-mail to matricole.scientifiche@unipv.it .
STUDENT VISA APPLICATION (extra-European students only)
Students from abroad who want to enrol in an Italian University need an official recognition by an official Italian authority in their home country of the equality of their qualification to the Italian one.
Students from extra-European countries must request a student VISA to the Italian authority in their country. Students should contact the Italian Embassy in their country as early as possible and ask information about student VISA application procedures. The deadline for the pre-application to our university will be on July 24, 2018. For more precise information please contact the Italian Representative in your country. You can search the address and phone number of the Italian Representative in your country at this page ( click here ).
Important notice for extra-European students: the deadline for pre-evaluation and application for the admission test in Pavia will be on September 2018. The admission test in Pavia will take place on September 2018. Students will be able to enroll between October 1-15. However, students from extra-European countries who want to come to Italy need a VISA. VISA application and university application are two completely independent procedures. Students from extra-European countries are encouraged to apply for pre-evaluation and admission test as soon as possible even if they did not obtain a VISA from the Italian embassy. However, they will not be able to enrol at the university if they do not have a VISA.



Students can also apply for individual courses, for additional information see here 


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